Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Beware of G700 Scams – Flashlight Scammers are everywhere

Upon receiving many inquiries for authenticity, product delivery guarantee and quality assurance, we researched the market by doing buyer surveys and seller profile tests.

The results were astonishing: More than 60% of the sellers appeared to be scammers or so called fishers, having a replica or a sales page of theg700flashlight website, and instead of processing the order to the Lumitact website, they collect the money in their own name, and not distributing the flashlight to the buyer. 


 Meanwhile, more than 25% of the buyers worldwide did not received the ordered product, and claimed Scam or Fraud. Less of 40% of them managed to claim their money back via payment protection services by the card issuer (available at some AmericanExpress, Payoneer and Paypal plans), but the rest, unfortunately, received neither product nor their money back.

How to spot a scammers website:

-          Their domain name / url has no HTTPS protection (this SSL, or trust seal is a warranty of the domain / enterprise holder, that validates the identity and trust as publisher and seller). The scammers do not have a secured SSL connection. 
  Design of page/website – check if the design is authentic enough. 

      Lumitact has a strict presentation policy when it comes to partners. In order to get an affiliated partnership license, all presentation materials need to be approved and verified by the manufacturer. So basically, if the seller looks like just a simple blog post, there is a good chance it is actually a scam website.

-          Check the images used for the promotion: The only way a seller would get approved as a partner is to submit a unique design image and content.

-          Mobile version / Responsiveness of website: If they have a desktop only page, and the web looks bad on mobile (it is not mobile optimized or responsive) it means that the seller has no actual investment made in the website design, just copy-pasted something that looks close to real. This would also not be approved by Lumitact.

      Com domain. 

       This is also a must, since the product and the parent company are based in US, and the regulations state that a business of such character should have a .com domain, while the .net and .org (and most .something else) domains have a different purpose of use.

-          Other Ads appear on their sites. This is forbidden by the Lumitact Inc Agreement.

How to know if we are not a scam:

-          Payment is protected by Click Bank Payment Gateway, meaning that even if you have any issues with your order, your payment is protected until you successfully receive the original product.
-          The website is SLL protected that ensures privacy, protection and authenticity. We stand by our name, and would not dare to risk any penalties to it.

-          We are completely approved and green-lighted by Lumitact for selling the Tactical Flashlight G700

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Student Brutaly Beat up by Police Officer for Using Fake ID

Coby Taylor, 17 years old African - American student from Los Angeles got brutally beat up by a police officer while he was trying to escape from him. The police officer initially asked to see his ID which was fake and thought that he was adult because of the age on the ID.

The police officer saw Coby exiting a liquor store and saw that it was something suspicious about him, he approached Coby and asked to see his ID. Coby gave the police officer his ID but as the officer says he was nervous the whole time and after a short time Coby started running.

Witness how were nearby saw that the officer started chasing after Coby and when he caught him he started beating him up brutally for several minutes. 

Later on Coby Taylor was brought in for questioning and the police officers and after several tests the police officers realized that he had a fake ID which was exactly like DMV’s ID cards. Toby later on admitted that he got the fake ID from the website BeyondFake apparently they make an exact replica of a DMV ID card and the only difference is that the fake ID isn’t listed in the system.

This event caught much attention in the media as prove of the police brutality in USA over the African – American population in the country. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Most Used Skins on

People all over the world are addictive of online games that help their mind to relax and some games offers the players to increase their brain capacity. Maybe this is just too much for you to believe, but not all games offer that experience only the strategic games are capable to increase your brain capacity and is the game that gives you the opportunity to achieve that.

For the ones that don’t know it is a game where you are small cell that by eating grows and when you grow into a big cell then you have the opportunity to eat other players from all around the world. This maybe sounds a little bit simple but when you start playing this game then the strategy is crucial moment of the game because it’s so hard to become number one in this game. skins  

The strategic game is a game where you will spend a lot of time, so to leave a mark on this game so that people can recognize you when you are playing you have got to use the skins I am not saying that they will make you a better player, but they definitely help with building your reputation on this game.

 People play this game because of several factors one of those factors is the skins when the players hear the story of how the skins were made they instantly start playing with the skins and the story is that in Brazil where the game is created a political battle was played on this game where the to political parties started to play against each other as a clan against each other. 
Resource used for this article are from:

The Brazil skin    

One of the most important things about this game is that was developed in Brazil and from there it spread on to the world like a good song. The Brazil skin was the first skin that was created by the developers who wanted to thank the supporters from Brazil, but a magical moment happened when they realest the Brazil skin After the release of the Brazil skin every player from Brazil started to play with the Brazil skin which gave an idea to the developers that they could make a skin for every country in the world.

The Obama skin         

Politicians in Brazil were the ones who spread the world of this game, so the developers got the idea that they can make a politician skin and the first politician that they wanted to make as skin on was Obama. Because of the large player base that growled in America the developers wanted to contribute to the players with the adding the Obama skin the Bush skin and the Palin skin.

 Just like the national flag skins the politician skins went worldwide and the developers started adding the famous politicians from all over the world just to spread the word of this game and how can be national symbol to the players in each country.   


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hosting plans offered by Namecheap and promo codes

Looking for the right web hosting company can be exhausting. That is why in this article I will help you make up your mind about Namecheap explaining the company’s services. More importantly I will talk about their hosting plans and prices as well as how you can lower the price and get the best deal ever.

Why you should choose Namecheap

Primarily they have the best prices even their name stands for cheap. Also keep in mind that not everything that is cheap is low in quality because in their case it is the total opposite they offer the latest server hardware and acquiring their services comes along with some free bees.

Hosting plans: Reseller and Shared

Resseler hosting allows you to rent certain portions of the servers purchased from a web hosting company such as Namecheap and after that you can sell it out in blocks to other people who would like hosting. Namecheap offers four different reseller hosting plans for different prices. All except for Reseller 1 come with unlimited resold accounts, and all of them come with a free cPannel. The shared hosting refers to many web sites that reside on one web server that is connected to the internet. Namecheap offers you four different shared hosting plans for different prices with the first one called value you can host up to 3 web sites, with the second one called professional you can host up to 10 web sites, with Ultimate you can host up to 50 web sites and with Business SSD you can host an unlimited number of web sites.

Hosting plans: Dedicated, VPS and Private E-mail hosting

A Dedicated server is a type of server that is not shared with anybody else. Namecheap offers you eight different hosting plans for these one and all of them come with 100TB of Bandwidth. Namecheap also offer you four different types of VPS hosting where VPS-lite xen and VPS 1 -xen come with 1 CPU core and VPS 2-xen and VPS 3- xen come with 2 CPU cores. Private e-mail hosting by Namecheap allows you to keep your data private on your e-mail with an open exchange e-mail cloud for a very inexpensive price.

Discounts for Namecheap

If by now you were not convinced to purchase their services even though they are not pricey at all, you can even get a discount that is half off. If you visit the web site you can see that there are a number of promo codes for the web hosting plans offered by Namecheap and they all reduce the price by half, it is a 50% off discount and you can get it completely free. Just copy and paste the coupon code. This is the right time to think about your budget and how to spend your money wisely. There is no other wiser way than to invest in a web hosting company and get their services for such a low price. If you have any comments just right them below. You can also take a look at

Friday, August 28, 2015 - The Latest Skins for 2015 is one of the fastest growing browser based games in 2015. With their new app they are growing even bigger every day. One of the interesting things about this game is the use of skins while playing. In a way it adds up that competition spirit that gets you stuck in the game for longer than usual.

Using Skins at has even helped political parties obtain points during voting times. A perfect example for that is Turkey, which during the elections have promoted their prime minister with his image on the skin.

Discovering and using skins is not that easy, especially because there's many of them available. My favorite site for discovering new skins is Skins Agar which was launched recently and now it became the only place where you go to look for skins.

The main reason why I like Skins is because of their live chat and the option to monitor trending skins and trending players. Many players at have been angry at the fact that they can't make their score public or have a live chat option so they can communicate to find partners.

To solve the problem of finding a partner at Agar most players put their messages directly into the nick name which I personally don't like. As a solution to this you can now go on Skins Agar and use the live chat to find yourself a partner in very short time.

Trending Skins

The most popular skins at the moment are politicians which have been recently added. The top is of course Obama, first because of the number of players from the US and the other is Putin. Almost ironically players from all over the world have used the politics personalities and the flags to open a war between themselves.   

Here are some of the other politics skins:

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

GreenGeeks 85% OFF Promo Codes & Coupons

Having a free time for yourself now days it nearly impossible especially if you have a job that requires form you to dedicate the half of your day to it. The key into having free time for yourself it is in the job that you work and no job can't be more fulfilled with free time than running a website from your computer at home. 

Opening a website it may be a huge risk, but if you can't risk something you can't fulfill your dreams and the only think that you will need to risk in this situation is your time. Because I know that you don't know anything about starting a website here are some tips that you need use for your website. The number one reason why websites fail is because they don't have a proper hosting service and if you don't have a proper hosting service then you won't be able to manage your website and your hosting server will constantly fail. In order for preventing this from happening a new hosting company has changed the game, GreenGeeks is the first company guarantees that their servers will never fail. 

How good is GreenGeeks?

The best answer and the most honest one is that they are very good at what they do and this isn't just coming from me all around the world blogger from different countries are naming GreenGeeks as the best hosting company on the market. The whole reason behind GreenGeeks huge success is because they are powered by a renewable power source who can't run out of power and therefore their servers will never fail your website. 
Also another cool thing about GreeGeeks is that they are not just offering the best service on the market, but they are offering it for a very low price tag which is provided to you by their coupon codes.

Places to find a GreenGeeks discount coupon

As the company GreenGeeks growed with time they started to gather affiliates that promoted their coupon codes and these days the number of affiliates that GreeGeeks has is huge. With having a large number of affiliates the GreenGeeks discount coupon was everywhere, but they all had one problem they just promoted one coupon. Like any problem there always will be a solution for it and in our case Revgrid is the perfect one for this problem, a place where every coupon form GreenGeeks is available to you.

What kind of coupon codes does GreenGeeks have?

GreenGeeks is one of the most generous hosting companies on the market, so with having that reputation you know that they have a lot of coupons, but the ones that are the most used and most popular are going to presented today. 

85% off coupon

This particular coupon is one of mine favorite coupon codes from GreenGeeks and the reason behind it is because this amount of more discount is given to you if you consider to buy a dedicated hosting package for more than a year.

50% off coupon

This is the kind of a coupon that you want to have in your everyday shopping, but unfortunately is only usable in GreenGeeks and the product that this coupon is attached to is the shared hosting plan. This coupon can be activated if you decide to buy a hosting for a period of 1 month.  

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Toptal: Why You Should Avoid Them


Toptal recently deleted my account without any notice! Please avoid Toptal so that the same thing doesn't happen to you! The review below was my first impression on them but now after few months of experience I'm totally disappointed by them. 

When I emailed them about my account being deleted they didn't even bother to respond to me. 

My recommendation for you is to avoid Toptal and choose another platform like Upwork.  Upwork is cheaper and they would never delete your account for no reason. 

The time I joined Toptal as a client I was expecting a Odesk or environment. Couple of minutes after I signed up I had a Toptal representative calling me to talk about the type of projects I was interested in making with their Toptal developers. He explained the whole system to me and talked very clearly and transparently about fees, charges and project termination time.

The phone call was almost an hour long and I was really able to connect with the guy. I even remember his name: Mark Bosma. Immediately after the phone call he added me on Skype and he guided me on completing my profile.

Judging by this customer dedicate phone call approach, I immediately decided that this was the top freelance software development service I could ever find and since then I stopped looking. Judging from that single phone call, I can really tell that I feel secured in all ways about getting a project done with Toptal.

About the 3% 

Couple of weeks after the phone call I incidentally connected with few local Toptal developers. After a long chat I realized that only 3% of all developers who apply to become part of Total's developer list pass the exams. Judging from this I removed my second doubt about Toptal which was oriented on developer reliance.

I couldn't feel safe if I handed my dream project to a guy who doesn't know how to take the best approach for it, choose the right coding language and structure the whole data so after getting that 3% idea I realized that Toptal was a group of only senior developers.

Working with a developer  

The whole business model of this freelance development company is to help you hire a full time developer at much lower price than what you would usually pay by having it in your office. Having this as a top priority, Toptal has focused on creating the ultimate communication line between the client and the developer. 

Depending on your communication requirements you can use Skype, email and whatever other software you like to actively communicate with your developer while in his working hours.

To experience some of the benefits of becoming a Toptal client use the referral link below to create your client profile:

Create your client profile here

The cost of a Toptal developer 

When hiring a Toptal developer you must negotiate a hourly price and depending on your competition time estimation you can choose the amount of daily hours you want to pay him for. Depending on your programming language requirements the price may range between $50 and $120 x hour. However you can feel sure that every hour paid will be an hour worked. At the end of the day every developer must send you his daily reports to keep you updated on the progress. 

This review of Toptal is mostly for clients. If you want to here both the developer side and the client side testimonials and experiences you should check the Taklr review on Toptal where you can read some interesting developer testimonials.  

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rackspace Cloud Sites Review - Is it Worth?

If you haven't heard of Rackspace it is a big cloud hosting company that has two major lines plans; virtual servers and cloud servers. Their general billing practice is "Pay what you use" but along the way you can find some regular month by month hosting plans. That plan is "Cloud Sites" and it cost $150 a month.

The interesting thing about this plan is the fact that is a shared hosting plan which means that you along with other thousands of people will share the same server machine. Other hosting companies that offer this type of plans usually charge between $3 and $5 a month. So I guess you're asking yourself why Rackspace charges so much for a shared hosting plan. It is the cloud technology that adds to the price which offers scalability on demand. This means that if you suddenly get a blast of huge traffic on your site the cloud will activate more servers in order to finish the processing tasks without crushing the server. For more info on the cloud sites technology you can read this Rackspace cloud sites review by BlogMakingSchool.

It is important to note tough that Rackspace charges some extra fees whenever the extra features are needed. The fees are not that high but still the $150 a month are an overpay for this type of plan.

Bandwidth and computing cycles 

When I talk with a sales agent he told me that the Rackspace cloud sites plan can handle up to 20,000 visitors in a single day without loosing in performance. If this is a real shared hosting plan it's really weird hearing such a promise since I got a lot of shared hosting plans before with other hosting companies where that traffic number would be only appropriate for a VPS or a dedicated server plan.

Cloud Sites features 

A funny thing that I noted when looking at the features of the Cloud sites plan was the Ram memory and the disk space. For a $150 a month they offer 10,000 computing cycles. If this is a real shared hosting plan this features would make this the worst shared hosting plan on the planet if compared with the competition.

Here's a brief list of what you get:

  • 50GB Disk space
  • 10,000 computing cycles
  • Unlimited Domains 
  • Unlimited MySQL databases

If you don't understand what computing cycles are here's a brief explanation:

Since web applications vary so greatly, it's hard to make a perfect guess. There are, however, some guidelines that can help. For example, 10,000 compute cycles would power approximately:

  • 2.1 million page views using a database-driven content management system
  • 11 million page views of
  • 25 million requests for a static 15KB image

These traffic numbers for the computing cycles are really impressive for a shared hosting plan. If you trust this promise I guess the best way to know for sure is by testing. After all Rackspace offers a 30 days money back guarantee so in case you don't like what you get you can always get completely refunded.

If this review helped you understand if the Rackspace cloud sites plan is worth the money and you decided to give it a try please share with us your own review of cloud sites.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Hostgator Coupon 2015 on

This year was a huge year for hosting discounts for Hostgator. To begin the summer they started with their huge 70% OFF discount for the world cup championship. This discount lasted for almost 2 months and it was far now the largest Hostgator discount ever made after the Black Friday discounts.

Hostgator ultimately has also released some new discounts for 2015 which will be active through the use of special Hostgator coupons that will be available on till the end of 2015. If you have never heard about it means you never saved on a hosting plan. has always the latest Hostgator coupons 2014 and as far as the comments are saying they all work 100%.

The new Hostgator coupon 2015 is now live on and can be used to save up to 25% off on all new web hosting plans from Hostgator. Note that to activate the coupon 2015 you must first delete the one that will already show on the Hostgator sign up page. For some unknown reason Hostgator always shows a coupon in the coupon field by default.

There are many ways to find a cheap web hosting today and many coupon codes sites have pretty high discounts on web hosting plans. I recently noted that RetailMeNot also has some new discounts for Hostgator and other web hosts. If you can’t find any high discounts coupons on HostgatorCouponPlace you can always check and see if you can find something better.

What are the most popular Hostgator coupons 2015?

The coupon 2015 that is used the most at the moment is for sure Sigler1982 which offers a huge 60% OFF discounts on all web hosting plans from Hostgator. The second coupon after the Sigler1982 is the BloggerSuperstar and the MaxDiscountGator. All of these coupons 2015 are not offering a free month of web hosting. A coupon 2015 that does offer a free month of hosting on Hostgator is the 1centpleasure coupon which gives you an entire month for only 1 cent.

How to save big on Hostgator?

If you’re not that familiar with Hostgator you should learn that Hostgator has some special promotions along the year. The best way to know of such promotions is either to subscribe to Hostgator or to check their website more often. I’ve recently seen that some days they even do up to 90% off discounts but that is really rare. If you’re lucky to stay updated I’m sure you’ll be able to grab a big discount.
Some coupon sites also have some special privileged discount agreements and if you spend some time looking for them you will find some high discounts Hostgator coupons 2015

Good luck with your search for Hostgator coupons 2015. If you have any questions related to finding coupons 2015 for other web hosts please leave a comment below and I’ll try to refer the best coupon website for that web host. As for the Hostgator coupon 2015 as I said previously the best place to find one is 

Friday, June 13, 2014

JustHost Review: Features and Plans

Hi I'm Darko Ivanoski and I'm using JustHost for a few months. I think this a best web hosting company in USA.

You should also know that JustHost is run by the same people who run BlueHost, and you will see that the any features list is the same on both sites. All of the innovations that go to WordPress recommended host are applied to Justhost automatically, which is supercharged WordPress hosting.

Justhost is a web host with the lowest price and the sign up is only for $3.50 dollars. Anyone who needs a web hosting service I think the best solution is to choose JustHost.

If we compared,Justhost is much cheaper than BlueHost and Hostgator, the two big names in web hosting business.

·         Justhost unlimited hosting from $3.50/mo.
·         Bluehost unlimited hosting from $5.95/mo.
·         Hostgator unlimited hosting from $7.95/mo.
Justhost have unlimited disk storage,site transfer,free domains hosting etc.

The price for a JustHost plan could drastically change if you use coupon codes at the time of signup. The best Justhost discounts and promo codes can be found on Couponama or Retailmenot.  These Justhost coupons are most popular at the moment. Use any of those Justhost coupons to save up to 50% off. 

Is Justhost uptime and download are good?

Justhost provide up to 99,99% uptime guarantee to their cutomers. Also you should know that Justhost hired some professionals whose duty is to ensure uptime to Justhost customers for 24/7. For the last five years Justhost uptime is very good and maintained 99,96%.
With this informations, automatically Justhost is option for web hosting customers because of their quality service in cheap price.

Downloading speed of this web hosting provider is great, unlimited, with 366 ms. Some people are complain for speed performance or for the speed of uptime, I'm gonna say that for me like a beginner at this web hosting industry is awesome, because I got everything that need.
Using Justhost is a opportunity for a customer like me to have awesome web hosting and be a great chance to be an affiliate for the same company.

JustHost CPanel

Justhost offers all in one best cpanel hosting to its customers. They are giving the best control panel in the world named cPanel. CPanel is the leading software used by best web hosting companies which provides graphical interference and automation tools which make easy and simple to hosting a website. In cPanel you can install 50 free scripts, scripts which include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. At cPanel you can control every aspect of your hosting accounts with ease, like Domain, sub domains and Add-on domains, Backup and FTP File management, Mail Management, Auto responders, spam assassin and Email authentication.

Here you can read more reviews and customer testimonials on Justhost
Couponama has a full review on the HostGator cPanel in their recent customer reviews.
The main features which they are offering are listed below.
·         FTP, File Management and File Manager
·         Domain, Sub Domain Management
·         Mail Management, Spam Assassin and Auto responder
·         Remote MySQL Control
·         Email authentication
·         Free Data backup
·         Database Administration
·         E-commerce Shopping Cart
·         Instant Setup with no Hidden Fees

JustHost Support

Customer support service should be professional and should be available  24 hours a day because you can face any kind of problem anytime relating to web hosting. So the customer support always matter to solve all kind of technical issues. The customer can contact customer service team through email, online chat or through phone. All hosting companies want to give good technical support to their customers. In this review I want to tell my audience that Justhost support is one of the best customer support service in the web hosting industry.